job offer SAP-Modulbetreuer/-in und IT-Organisator/in - B 95/17 „IT-Organisation“ - IT project management (environmetal engineering - raw material economy)


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Job offer
job description IT project management
required position / job description SAP-Modulbetreuer/-in und IT-Organisator/in - B 95/17 „IT-Organisation“
branch environmetal engineering - raw material economy  
function employee
operational area: country Germany
operational area: region Lower Saxony
graduation CSE
subject of studies university stuedies
native language German
foreign language 1 English
verbal language ability & understanding good
written language ability good
foreign language 2
verbal language ability & understanding
written language ability
professional experience IT-consulting
professional experience in years Mindestens dreijährige praktische Berufserfahrung in der Informationstechnik und SAP-Anwender- und Systemkenntnisse in mindestens einem der folgenden Module: PSM, F15, FI-TV, FI, FI-AA, MM, CATS, CO, PS, HCM-PA
mobility no
willingness to move no
home office no
company car no
salary offer Die Eingruppierung erfolgt in Entgeltgruppe E 11 des Tarifvertrages über die Entgeltordnung des Bundes.(gross p.a. EUR)
Personal requirements to applicant - soft skills
flexibility medium
communication skills high/strong
selfconfidence high/strong
enthusiasm high/strong
motivation and success orientated approach high/strong
ability to motivate medium
optimism medium
teammember ability high/strong
assertiveness high/strong
human resources management and competence in dialogue high/strong
mobility and willingness to travel low/weak

Type analysis (8 basic types) toINSIGHTS MDI® - soft skill analysis (personal competence)
The type analysis is based on personal appraisal

director-type low/weak
motivator-type low/weak
inspirator-type medium
advisor-type high/strong
supporter-type high/strong
coordinator-type high/strong
observer-type medium
reformer-type low/weak


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