Borealis AG – commitment to plastics recycling with an investment at the Ecoplast location

Borealis AG, Wien (A) / Ecoplast Kunststoff-Recycling GmbH, Wildon (A): Borealis and Ecoplast celebrated the successful conclusion of a strategic investment at their plastics recycling location in Wildon, Styria/Austria. • Borealis and Ecoplast open a new and highly advanced plastics recycling plant in Austria • A milestone in Borealis’ involvement in the circular economy: the investment increases production capacity by 60%. Ecoplast processes plastic waste from both domestic and industrial consumers into top quality recyclate and now its existing production capacity has been boosted with an ultramodern polyethylene (PE) film recycling line. The new plant improves operational procedures and raises markedly the output of recycled material. It also represents a move that enables Borealis to further consolidate its presence in the plastics recycling field, especially in its home country of Austria.

As Lucrèce Foufopoulos-De Ridder, the Borealis Executive Vice-President Polyolefins and Innovation & Technology, explains, “Borealis sees the drive towards a circular economy as a top priority. The investment at the Ecoplast location is a key step to attain our circular economy solution targets and brings us a step closer to our objective to quadrupling our recycling production by 2025.”

“Ecoplast’s key competence lies in the recycling of flexible materials from extremely contaminated household and commercial refuse into a product that is suitable for the production of thin-walled film packaging,” says Lukas Intemann, Ecoplast Managing Director. “The new plant enables us to enhance our recycling capability in both a qualitative and quantitative regard, whereby our customers profit from a significant increase in capacity and a high and above all consistent quality.” … read more – lmv-jobboerseManfred Lorenzen, Soest
Quelle: Borealis AG / Ecoplast Kunststoff-Recycling GmbH

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