General terms and conditions

1:    GTCT in general
2:    Product-related business conditions
2.1: Advertisements

3:    Candidates database
4:    Online entry

1: GTCT general business conditions
This website is hosted by LMV-Consulting Soest, Deiringser Weg 68, 59494 Soest (hereinnafter referred to as „LMV-Consulting, Soest) according to the subsequently described principles.

§ 1 Preregulation
All following regulations refer to the internet project of LMV-Consulting, Soest, that is run by different internet domains belonging to  LMV-Consulting – hereinafter referred to as LMV-Consulting Soest.These regulations define the conditions under which the use of LMV-Consulting Soest takes place. These GTCT apply for all users of LMV-Consulting Soest exclusively, also if use and access  are made from outside the Federal Republic of Germany.

§ 2 Subject of the Contract

(1) Among others by the internet platforms
 run by us, available under and other domains, we  provide our customers with products and  services for personnel recruitment/ personnel consulting/personnel     marketing according to our  service  descriptions.
(2) In particular we offer our customers the  following services:
a) the creation and/or presentation of internet ads or banners of a job offerer or advertiser on our internet website
b) the access posssibility to our candidates database.
(3) In addition we offer our customers the possibility to make use of further services (profiles, logos, text and logo links, prominent presentation such as Job of the week/company of the week, diverse sponsoring products, links, NewsLetter, technical solutions etc.) acc. to special agreements.

§  3 Contract conclusion - Registration

The user assures to LMV-Consulting the completion of the 18th year. Users who are still underage must present a written authorization of their legal guardian/parents. If required these documents can be requested from LMV-Consulting.LMV-Consulting is authorized to verify the personal details using appropriate official documents. Therefore the user assures LMV-Consulting to submit copies of official documents -particularly ID-card- by request. For the use of the Community Forum-platform the user must have completed the 16th year.The contract is regarded as concluded as soon as the user has successfully registered with LMV-Consulting.There exists no entitlement to registration and use of the websites of LMV-Consulting.The user is obliged to secrecy of the password that allows him the access to the non public part of the website. He/she is entitled to alter the allocated password. He/she is responsible for every authorized or non-authorized use of his/her registration and undertakes to report every unauthorized  use to LMV-Consulting as well as to alter the password. LMV-Consulting reserves the right to undertake the necessary steps when LMV-Consulting is informed of a possible misuse of a password.

§ 4 Intellectual property rights

The registration with LMV-Consulting does not include the conveyance of property and usage rights, licences or other software rights to the user. All rights of the software used, of marks, titles, brands, and intellectual property and other commercial rights of LMV-Consulting remain unrestrictedly with LMV-Consulting. Excluded from this are only those published work results and information that were created by the user or a third person and that were adopted by LMV-Consulting as they stand for publication in the internet.The user has to take sole responsibility with regard to press and competition law for the contents submitted for publication. With the registration the user confirms that he/she has acquired all usage rights for the posting on the internet from the holders of intellectual property rights, competition law and other rights and that he/she can freely dispose of them.

§ 5 Publication of Ads

(1)In the name of the orderer we publish job advertisements, company presentations, offers for apprenticeships and practical trainings as well as advertising (hereafter „Ad“) in the internet. The service descriptions of our GTCT apply. In principle only one position per advertisement can be published by the orderer.
(2)The placement of the banner ad is carried out in line with the contractually agreed placement. We reserve the right to refuse the placement or to terminate it at any time (GTCT – Product related)

§ 6 Obligations of Orderer

(1)The orderer  guarantees to publish in his ads only details in accordance with the facts and to comply with the specifications of the General Equal Treatment Act.

(2)We reserve to not execute orders from an orderer because of their contents, origin or the technical form acc. to uniform factually justified principles. This applies particularly if the contents is opposed to legal or official prohibition, is abusive or  offends against common decency or the publication is unacceptable for us for other reasons.

(3)We furthermore reserve the right to remove elements already published on the internet as far as the contents to be published infringe legal rules, official prohibitions, the rights of third persons or offend against common decency or the publication is unacceptable for us for other reasons. („Unacceptable contents“).The same applies should the customer give order for links with elements that directly or indirectly lead to web pages with unac-ceptable contents. We are entitled  to remove such contents from the offer without prior notice to the orderer. The orderer is immediately informed of such measures. A reimbursement claim of the orderer is not justified hereby.

(4)Upon first request the orderer holds us free and harmless from any claims that third persons might assert to us due to unacceptable contents or other contraventions by the orderer. This release also includes the necessary costs incurred in asserting the legal rights.

(5)It is not allowed to contact members of the database directly as far as dubious contents are sent, an offence against common decency is available or  a toleration of the action is unacceptable for other reasons. The use of the database for any other purpose than the initiation of a concrete service or job relation with re-ference to effectively available free positions and jobs is unacceptable.The orderer assures to strictly adhere to all rules of the data and personality protection right. In case the orderer has contacts con-trary to contract, data protection or personality protection rights we are authorized to block the access to the internet and reserve the right to remove such contents from the offer without prior notice. The orderer is immediately informed of such measures. A reimbursement claim of the orderer   is not justified hereby. 

(6)An orderer without residence or  subsidiary in Germany is obliged to nominate us a receiving agent who is resident in Germany.

(7)The user has no legal entitlement for the publication of his contents.Company logos submitted to LMV-Consulting for publication in a profile have to be up-to-date and must allow an identification of the corresponding company. LMV is in no case liable for the infringement of possibly existing intellectual property rights of the graphic material of third persons.

§ 7 Rights and Contents of Ads

(1)The user solely bears responsibility for the contents of the text and graphic material submitted for the publication of the ads in particular their correctness and legal acceptance. We are not obliged to check the ads with regards to damnification of the rights of third persons. The user is obliged to indemnify us from claims of third persons that might occur from the publicatiion. Should in line with the publication of the ad registered trademarks be used, herewith the permission of the legal owner has to be presented on request.

(2) We acquire the sole intellectual property rights and/or  other performance protection rights of all ads created and published by us. With payment of the fee by the orderer, among other things for creation of the HTML-Layout by us, no assignment of intellectual property rights and/or other performance protection rights to the orderer or his agent is involved, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. In case the ad published by us was created by the orderer himself or one of his agents, the orderer herewith grants us the exclusive usage rights to use the ad with regards to all kinds of uses that are associated with the publication of the ad. We are in particular hereby also authorized to avert in our own name illegal interferences into the intellectual property rights by third persons or to assert claims for damages resulting thereof.

(3) The publication starts at the date agreed with the orderer in writing. Should no date be agreed as described, the publication starts immediately after conclusion of the contract. This can also be carried out by the orderers own entry. The user is responsible for complete delivery of correct, appropriate advertisement material. Delays caused by the contents of the advertisement text provided by the user for publication cannot be blamed on us may they be as regards contents or of technical nature. Publication of the ads are effected on our internet pages as well as within cooperations on the platforms of cooperation partners of LMV-Consulting, Soest.We are furthermore authorized, but not obliged, to distribute the ad by other methods, in particular by  fax-on-demand or telephone. We are furthermore authorized, but no obliged, to publish the ad in any print medium assignable by us (or to have it published by a third party). These are our additional and voluntary services for which the user does not have to pay extra costs.

(4) The user is advised that according to the actual state of tech-nology it cannot be completely excluded that the ads published on our internet pages might be copied, linked and/or by means of frames that are masked as their own offer be published additionally by other internet providers. Within the technical and legal possibilities we shall try hard to prevent copying, linking and/or framing in the above sense. For this the   user submits all possibly necessary agreements already now. Should nevertheless an unauthorized linking and/or framing happen the user cannot derive any claims against us from this.

(5) The user is however entitled to modify in any way, deactivate or delete his ads. After a modification the ad is initially positioned inactive and is not shown in the job database. A re-publication is only effected by our release. Delays caused by the contents of the advertisement text provided by the user for publication cannot be blamed on us may they be as regards contents or of technical nature.

(6) Any documents submitted for the creation of the ad are only to be returned to the user by us on his specific written request. The obligation for safekeeping ends 3 months after termination of the advertising contract.We are authorized but not obliged after termination of the ads publication and filling of the job respectively to keep and further use the ad.

§ 8 Applicants Database

(1) Access to the anonymised applicants database is possible free of charge for the orderer by registration on LMV-Consulting. The orderer obliges to keep his access data secret and in particular to not pass them to third persons. If the orderer is a natural person the access to the applicants database is allowed for every login only for the orderer or for only one other natural person nominated by the orderer. When handling any personal applicant data the orderer is obliged to comply with all data privacy laws and rules. In case of noncompliance we reserve the right to block the access to the applicants database. The orderer cannot derive any claims for reimbursement from this. 
(2) The terms and conditions of the applicants database as appendix to the GTCT apply as additional information.
(3) The applicant details are exclusively stated by themselves, so that LMV-Consulting cannot guarantee their completeness, correctness, accurateness or availability.  We furthermore do not guarantee a certain number of answers.
(4) The access to our database for job seekers is generally forbidden for firms of our competition in particular if the access is made with the purpose of enticement of customers and authorizes us to legally claim for equivalend injunctive releifs. In this case the orderer obliges to bear the costs of the proceeding even in case of a judgement by confession. 
(5) The access to our applicants database for other purposes than the initiation of a firm employment relation based on concretely available positions is excluded. The use by franchisors, direct sales systems, seminar offerers and similar for other purposes than the initiation of a firm employment relation  is excluded. Every infringement authorizes us to immediately block the access without prior notice to the orderer. The orderer is immediately informed of such measures. A reimbursement claim of the orderer   is not justified hereby.

§ 9 Fees

Should the user like to use the applicants database completely and without restrictions or want to contact candidates, he can do so only as paying user. The fees for the charged user status can be taken from here (link). The actual online mediadata  of LMV-Consulting are applicable. Payment of the requested fees can be effected by Paypal (see GTCT Paypal – link) or by advance payment transfer to one of our accounts stated. Further information for the use of dutiable services can be taken from our product-related terms and conditions – Online Mediadata (link here).

§ 10 Termination of contract, cancellation

The user has the right at any time to withdraw from the concluded contract. However the user does not have any right for a reimbursement of possible fee payments to LMV-Consulting.Should a user infringe these GTCT then LMV-Consulting has the right at any time to block the access or to completely delete the corresponding entry. In case of doubt LMV-Consulting has the right for final decision on the admissibility of the use in question.Intentionally wrong details or fraudulently  mispresentations might involve steps by civil law. This leads to an immediate cancellation of the contract without any reimbursement of fees possibly paid to LMV-Consulting.After termination of the contract all user details are deleted by LMV-Consulting.

§ 11 Privacy protection

Security and protection of user data is a special concern of LMV-Consulting (3) Federal Data Protection Act, (4) EU—Ordinance for the protection of natural persons.Our data protection regulations are effective for all areas of our web offer and can be found here (link).

§12 Access guarantee on services offered

(1) We put the orderer only in the position for access to our services. We do not assume any liability for the correctness of the data published by the applicants in our services.
(2) We only guarantee the best possible data availability according to the respectively prevailing technical standards. The orderer knows however that according to the state of technology it is not possible to develop a completely faultless program and that it is possible that our data and services might not be available at any time without our fault. We are in particular not responsible when our services are not available, if e.g. improper presentation software and/or hardware (e.g. browser) are used or by   disturbances of the communication nets of other providers  or by computer failure with an internet-access-provider or an online service or by incomplete and/or non up-dated offers on so-called proxy servers (buffers) of commercial and non-commercial providers and onlineservices or – by a breakdown of the ad-server, that does not last longer than 24  hours (consecutively or added on) within 30 days from the start of the contractually agreed connection.
(3) In case of ads insertion the orderer is however entitled for an extension of the publication of his ad by the period of failure if one of the cases indicated under para.2 applies.
(4) Should the job advertisement be reproduced imperfectly by us, the orderer is entitled a faultless replacement ad, but only as far as the purpose of the ad was affected. In case we are not prepared or able to do so, should a delay arise for reasons caused by us or if the insertion of a replacement ad fails for other reasons, the orderer at his own choice can either withdraw from the contract (withdrawal) or request reduction of the advertisement price (reduction). 

§ 13 Liabilities

(1)A liability by us as well as of our representatives or vicarious agents, in particular because of unauthorized action and breach of duties from these obligations are excluded. This does not apply in the cases of intent or gross negligence, because of injury of life, boldily injury, or injury of health, because of the assurance of the absence of a fault or the violation of substantial contract obligations.
(2) As far as intent or gross negligence, or injury of life, bodily injury and injury of health do not apply, or the assurance of lack of defects is not available, the compensation for the violation of substantial contract obligations is restricted on the contract coherent foreseeable damage.
(3) We are not liable according to the provisions of the Product Liability Act (2).
(4) We are not liable that a contact with the job seekers is reached or for a minimum number or minimum quantity of applicants, as well as for investments made by the customer in the course of this offer or contract conclusion e.g. when relying upon a minumum number of applications. We are not liable for the correctness of data published by us on the directive of job offerers and applicants, as well as of any factual statements on special features contained in these data.
(5) A change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the orderer is not involved with the above regulations.

§ 14 Amendment of the GTCT

LMV-Consulting reserves the right to reform the GTCT.The user declares to agree with the application of amended business conditions of contracts already concluded prior to the amendment if LMV-Consulting advises the user that an amendment of the GTCT has taken place and the user does not object to the amendment within two weeks from the date of its information.The information of amendment must besides the indication of availability of the amended text also contain again a reference to the possibility and period of objection as well as the importance and consequences of non-objection. This can be made particularly by E-mail to the E-mail address indicated by the user. 

§ 15 Others / Severability Clause

(1)Place of performance is Soest.
(2)If the orderer is businessman, legal person of public law or special property or should he/she not have a general place of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany, the District Court Soest or the Regional Court Arnsberg are exclusive places of performance for all disputes resulting from this contract.
(3)Supplementary agreements, changes and additions must be in writing to be legally binding; this applies in particular also for the cancellation of this rule.
(4)For all privities of contract the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the exclusion of the uniform UN-Sales Law.
(5)If any rule or regulation of this agreement is or becomes invalid, the validity of the rest of these terms of use is not affected. The invalid or incomplete rule is replaced or completed by a valid one which comes closest to the economically intended result.
(6)The communication languages in web offer of LMV-Consulting are „German“ and „English“.

§ 16 Explanation of the right of withdrawal

You may cancel your contract declaration  from to publication without giving any reasons, in writing (e.g. letter, fax, E-mail) – possible costs will be charged for.The period of notice starts with the receipt of this explanation at the earliest. To stay within the period of withdrawal it is sufficient to send the withdrawal in time. The withdrawal is to be sent to:

Deiringser Weg 68
59494 Soest
Fax number: +49 (0)2921 – 96 95 530

Consequences of a withdrawalIn the case of an effective withdrawal, the services rendered are to be returned on both sides plus eventual usages (e.g. interest). In case you cannot return the received services completely or only partly or if it is in a detiriorated state you may be obliged for a corresponding value replacement.Special adviceYour right of withdrawal expires prior to maturity if your contract partner has received your specific approval and already started with the execution of the service before the period of withdrawal has ended, or if you have done so yourself (e.g. through download etc.)End of explanation of the right of withdrawal

Soest, 01.03.2008


2: Product-related business conditions

2.1 Advertisements

§ 1 Service performance

(1) These business conditions for job advertisements, company presentations and ad banners (hereinafter called „Ads“) supplement our General Business Conditions and have preference over them in case of doubt.LMV-Consulting publish ads on the internet in the customers name. An ad may not contain more than one job description. The described job may not be changed during runtime of the ad. In case of infringement LMV-Consulting reserve the right to invoice additional charges accordingly. (2) LMV-Consulting is authorized but not obliged to publish ads on their own LMV-Consulting pages and on pages for specific profession groups („Channels“) and can also reject the publication of ads on Channels at their own discretion. LMV-Consulting is authorized but not obliged  to publish ads in other print-, offline- or online-media or to submit them to third persons for further publication. We therefore cooperate with several cooperation partners and host the LMV-Consulting job market under different URL, without prior permission of the business partner. A list of our cooperation partners can be obtained from our German subsidiaries.(3) This service performance is final.

§ 2 Period of publication

Unless otherwise agreed, ads are published for a period compliant with the actual conditions of the price lists. Link to online-mediadata

§ 3 Offers subject to change: International Deals; free service; training and trainee

(1)Offers and prices for International Deals are alway subject to change until concrete publication of the ad and depend on the LMV-Consulting-Cooperation with their partners abroad. A change of the conditions for International Deals does not authorize a cancellation of the master agreement with LMV-Consulting.
(2)LMV-Consulting occasionally offer certain free services specificly defined at their own discretion and without any prejudice. All free services are subject to change and can furthermore be stopped without statement of  reasons or be individually or totally cancelled. The customer is not legally entitled to the usage of free services.
(3) Trainings and jobs as trainees are additionally supported by LMV-Consulting. The Community here provides the basis for demand and supply.

§ 4 Others

(1) We refer our customers to the fact that LMV-Consulting cannot avoid non-authorized publications of job ads by third persons. But LMV-Consulting is extremely anxious to prevent such publications within their legal and technical possibilities. The business partner gives his consent for this.
(2) The customer alienates LMV-Consulting all property rights of databases that he/she has passed to LMV-Consulting in connection with repeated ads. LMV-Consulting in particular receives the exclusive right to claim the economic property of his/her job ad database toward third persons.
(3) A lower priced offer (compared with the price list)  by LMV-Consulting is only valid under the concrete conditions and for the one concrete customer. It is not valid when the customer wants to have another contract partner, e.g. an agency, take action for him/her.The contract transfer by third persons on customers’ side („Reselling“) requires the prior approval of LMV-Consulting.
(5) On each page individual advertisement banners are simultaneously visible at the bottom, on top, on the right and on the left side as well as in the middle. There is no entitlement for a certain place of the ad. Banner ads are placed according to the „rotation principle“. This means that the customer shares his advertisement place with other media. All advertising media are each published  for a certain time sequence that is regularly recurring until the end of the publication period.
(6) LMV-Consulting is always anxious to reach an optimisation of the search results on, with the objective to obtain best possible results for all customers.If the categorisation and sectional entries are made by the customer him-/herself, he/she is obliged to realize them correctly and in a reasonable way. LMV-Consulting reserves the right to adapt and modify the categorisation and sectional entries of job ads at any time and at his own discretion. The customer is not entitled to the publication of his job ad in category or under a section selected by him/her.LMV-Consulting support the public relations by the integration of further „online advertisement partnerships“ (e.g. Google).

2 Candidates database

§ 1  Service performance

(1) These product-related business conditions for canidates database supplement our General Business Conditions and have preference over them in case of doubt.  LMV-Consulting allows the customer the query of anonymized personal data sheets on the databases that are supported by LMV-Consulting („candidates database“). The candidates behind these CV’s can anonymously be contacted by LMV-Consulting (nickname) if the candidate has given his consent.
(2)The access to the candidates database is very personal and only exclusively allowed for  the customer’s own use. The access to the candidates database and the inspected CV’s may not be passed on to third persons. Accesses for the purpose of headhunting are inadmissible. Non of the customers may install hyperlinks („deep links“) of his internet side on the candidates database of LMV-Consulting. LMV-Consulting reserves the right to immediately  and without prior warning legally prosecute any violation of this regulation.
(3)If the safety storage by the customer on own systems also includes personal data of candidates, he/she then is obliged to undertake additional observation. As soon as the candidate asks for cancellation of his data from the LMV-Consulting database, he/she is then also obliged to delete the personal details of the candidates from his own system. He is also obligated to immediately destroy corresponding printouts.
(4)In the framework of his/her booked conditions the customer has all possibilities to use the candidates database. Further info with regards to prices and payment conditions are to be found here (link to online mediadata).    

§ 2 Obligations of customer

(1)The customer has to act in compliance with legal rules, laws of protection of third persons and public decency.
(2)In particular the customer engages to not distribute personal data of candidates, to keep them in confidence and to comply with all data protection regulations. In case LMV-Consulting is asked by a candidate to cancel his data and if LMV-Consulting informs the customer of this, the latter has to immediately cancel all copies, data files or data belonging to a specific candidate.
(3)All losses, costs, claims, compensation charges and other espenses arising through a customer are for his/her account, unless caused by LMV-Consulting.
(4)The candidate details are exclusively made by themselves, so that LMV-Consulting cannot guarantee their completeness, correctness, accurateness or avalability. We furthermore do not guarantee a certain number of answers.
(5)The details of job seekers who register with LMV-Consulting („candidates“) are strictly confidential and may only be stored, applied and used by the customer according to the respective data protection act. Candidates may only be specificly addressed for the purpose of search for candidates  for certain job offers. In case of noncompliance LMV-Consulting reserve the right to block the customers’ access and to block the customers’ access to candidates data.
(6)A candidate may only be contacted once per actual profile by the same customer. The customer is aware that for the data transfer  outside the area of application of the European Community there exist special rules. In general such a data transfer requires the candidates’ agreement – also if within the same group of companies.

§ 3 Invoicing

Basis of invoice settlements are the actually valid product and price lists here


4:    Online entry

§ 1  Service performance

(1) LMV-Cpnsulting publish job advertisements (hereinafter called „Ads“) on the internet in the name of the business partner. These business conditions for job advertisements  to be published by online entry  supplement our General Business Conditions as well as the product-related conditions for ads as well as the product-related conditions for the purchase of a CV-account and have preference over them in case of doubt.
(2) This service performance is final.

§ 2 Conclusion of the contract

(1)In deviation from the GTCT’s of LMV-Consulting the requirement of written form is ceded. Formless and effective declarations of intent can be made by each party.
(2)The contract comes into existence by the order of the customer and acceptance of the order by LMV-Consulting. LMV-Consulting accept the order within one week by eMail confirmation. The confirmation of the order receipt (§ 312 e BGB = Civil Code) is generated automatically and is not a declaration of acceptance.(3)The products and price lists published on the webside are always without engagement. We make efforts to always publish correct products and price lists. LMV-Consulting is bound to delivery of the products at the mentioned prices after receipt of the declaration of acceptance by LMV-Consulting.

§ 3 Payment terms
(1)Agency commission is NOT granted for online entry.
(2)The customer can basically choose between Paypal and advance payment to LMV-Consulting. Moreover the rules of the LMV-Consulting general business conditions are valid.(3)Under legal preconditions LMV-Consulting grant reimbursements.

§ 4 Duty to supply customer information

Acc. to § 312e BGB (=Civil Code), § 3 InfVO, LMV-Consulting supply the following information:
(1)The customer is guided to the contract by individual steps: Each step is commented and explained during entry.The contract is concluded upon receipt of the LMV-Consulting order confirmation. The ad is now put online.
(2)These business conditions (GTCT, product-related conditions for ads, product-related conditions for online entry) contain the complete text of the contract for online publication of an ad. The price for an online  entry can be taken from the pricelist that was published  by LMV-Consulting under at the time of contract offer. The legal relations resulting from the (free) visit of the LMV-Consulting website are explained and defined more in detail in our terms of use.
(3)Acc. to § 312e para.1 No.1 of Civil Code LMV-Consulting provide technical instruments with which input data errors can be recognized and corrected prior to placement of the order. The most important element for this is the ad preview on each form page.
(4)The languages available for the contract conclusion are German and English.
(5) LMV-Consulting is bound to the German data protection standards/data protection law (3) as well as to the codes defined in the terms of use as well as the data protection declaration of LMV-Consulting. 

(1)„General Equal Treatment Act“
The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) that became operative on 18th August 2006, in the version of 2nd December 2006, mainly regulates  rights and measures of the Employer for the prevention of discrimination and the rights of the Employees. Abbreviation: AGGType: federal lawTerritorial validity: Federal Republic of GermanyField of law: Civil and employment lawFNA: 402-40Date of law: 14th August 2006 (BGBI. I S.1897)Legal validity: 18th August 2006 (BGBI. I S.1897, 1910)Last amendment by: Art. 1 G of 2nd December 2006 (BGBI. I S. 2742, 2745)Legal validity of last amendment: 12th December 2006 (Art. 13 G of 2nd December 2006)

Special note to General Equal Treatment Act

LMV-Consulting, Soest, assume no liability for contents and design as well as printed advertisements / personal ads by order of customers or by customers (direct online) in the LMV-jobmarkets. This special note is particularly valid for infringements of the AGG (General Equal Treatment Act) date of issue 14.08.2006.

This supplement to the AGB (General Terms and Conditions) is also valid for the LMV-partner job markets that reflect / present the personnel ads of the LMV-Jobbörse (job market) - (for example:,,

(2)“Law on the liability for faulty products“
Abbreviated title: Product Liability ActAbbreviation: ProdHaftGType: federal lawTerritorial validity: Federal Republic of GermanyField of law: Civil lawFNA: 400-8Date of Law: 15th December 1989(BGBl. I S. 2198) Legal validity: 1st January 1990Last amendment by: Art. 9 para 3 G of 19th July 2002 (BGBl. I S. 2674, 2679) Legal validity of last amendment: 1st August 2002 (Art. 13 G of 19th July 2002)
(3) Data Protection ActAbbreviation: BDSGType: federal lawTerritorial validity: Federal Republic of GermanyField of law: Administrative lawFNA: 204-3Original version of 27th January 1977 (BGBI. I S.201)Legal validity on 1st January 1978 Last new wording of 14th January 2003 (BGBl. I S. 66)Last amendment by: Art. 1 G od 22nd August 2006 (BGBl. I S. 1970) Legal validity of last amendment: 26th August 2006 (Art. 16 G of 5th September 2005)
Telecommunications ActAbbreviation: TKGType: federal lawTerritorial validity: Federal Republic of GermanyField of law: Administrative lawFNA: 900-11 /900-14Original Version of 25th July 1996 (BGBl. I S. 1120)Last new wording of 22nd June 2004 (BGBl. I S. 1190)Legal validity of new wording on 26th June 2004Last amendment by: Art. 2 G of 18th February 2007 (BGBl. I S. 106) Legal validity of last amendment: 24th February 2007 (Art. 5 para. 1 G of 18th February 2007)
(4) EU Ordinance for protection of natural personsORDINANCE (EU) No. 45/2001 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCILof 18th December 2000for protection of natural persons during treatment of individual-related data by the entities and institutions of the Community and for open data traffic 
Frame concept for the promotion of transparency with qualifications and competences (Europass – EU CV)RULING NO. 2241/2004/EG OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCILof 15th December 2004on a uniform common frame concept for the promotion of transparency with qualifications and competences (Europass)