LMV-Consulting is your professional partner for every question concerning recruiting and career management as well as for the international job exchange – We belong to successful industry experts who accompany clients from Germany and Europe with services on the subject of recruiting. LMV-Consulting controls all spectrum of personal marketing from personal contacts via advertisement-supported searches through to professional recruiting. This professional staffing is supported by international and multilingual sector-orientated job exchanges: agrartechnik-jobs, new-energy-jobs, agribusiness-jobs, umwelttechnik-job, baumaschinen-jobs.

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LMV-Consulting, has been recruiting expert since 1995, with much experience in personnel consulting and personnel marketing. LMV-Consulting, a sector expert, has been successfully famous with its LMV job exchange for many years.

Our keynote:
You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it there are only alibis.”
Henry Ford

Manfred Lorenzen had been working many years as a sales and marketing executive in international as well as medium-sized companies in branches like agribusiness, machinery and urban engineering before he founded LMV-Consulting in Soest in 1995. To our absolute maxims belong ethics, confidentiality and discretion. Employer and applicant can rely on our services like integrity and professionalism at any time.

These aspects are important for us: personality, ethics, quality and competence – at our place personal contacts count. Not only decisive market-, product and sector know-how slip in out consulting interviews, but we also go individually into your company’s background, structure and environment. At that point knowledge of human nature, experience and intuition play an important role, if not even a crucial role. We would like to work out the optimal solution, together with you, of course.

Enthusiasm to cooperate with people and our high quality standards have developed LMV-Consulting to a successful expert.

Our Clients

By specialising on sectors with our know-know like insider knowledge we have experience and competence – we know our clients personally for many years.

Our client comes from different branches

- Agribusiness
- Urban engineering
- Machinery
- Environmental engineering
- New energy

Almost all applicants for vacancies come from these sectors.

We maintain contacts to applicants intensively by working out weekly newsletter with actual information all about job markets as well as job offers. By direct search on fairs and congresses we reach many possible future’s applicants. Accordingly our network is very important for us!

As a sector expert we have got a high level of awareness. We reach a successful staffing through a mix of marketing tools, e.g. ad placements in chosen print media and chosen job exchanges with traceable sector know-how. As an additional tool we have been using our own job exchange’s applicant database.

Partner for Employers

At times in globalisation and quick changes in companies and markets company’s success depends on staff’s quality and loyalty. On searches and selections for skilled- and executive staff our clients are dependant on a quick and reliable support. This objective target characterises our daily actions.

We penetrate applicant markets in our branches with a mix of
- Direct scan (headhunting)
- Contacting applicants from job our job exchange
- Ad placement in print- and internet media
- Newsletter for applicants and companies
- Active relationship maintenance to universities and colleges throughout Europe

Everybody who stands still loses connection. In turbulences, which lie ahead of people and companies, traditional values and catchphrases do not help anymore. Courage to changes with new approaches are asked. To be successful in national and international markets and to generate growth you need qualified contacts, relationships and a compentent partner. Although information available for people will expand explosively and expertise will be available at a push of a button in future times, personal relationships and connections to experts in the range of personnel marketing become more and more important in defiance of modern information technology.

Executive’s search and selection

Specific requirements at vacant positions, profound sector know-how and a sense of company’s culture – all this slips in our recruiting process. Executive’s search and selection has developed to a key topic of entrepreneurial success.


- Position and environment analysis
- Working out of requirement profiles
- Searching and contacting of appropriate candidates
- INSIGHT MDI –personal potential analysis, candidate’s assessment and examination concerning their skills, management abilities as well as consensus with value ideas on the subject of companies looking for staff

Direct Search

Headhunting is always an attending tool to known and proven tools in personnel marketing. Headhunting gives clients an access to high qualified applicant’s potentials, ergo applicants, who are actually not looking for new business challenges. According to this it is our challenge to inspire and gain these “high potentials”.

Applicants always come from specific sectors, appropriate to corresponding job offers and job profiles.

In this phase of direct contact we capture all important vertices between job offer and profiles required, e.g.:
- Qualifications
- Flexibility
- Soft skills
- Mobility
- Experience in certain sectors
- Vita
- Apprenticeship and studies
- Questions concerning salary and contract’s contents

Applicants and contacts

Beforehand we are looking from our contacts for candidates with a convenient profile to contact them specifically. We contact every individual personal and discrete through our experts by reason of applications or potential contacts, too. We know many applications from fairs or through our experience. Personal trust to applicants is very important for us. Furthermore we supervise applicants actively, even after changing companies – thus we are still your personal coach after successful recruiting processes.

Ad placement in print- and internet media

Ad placement in print medias has many advantages like special terms and long attention values. Ad placements will not loose their significance in future times and they have actually a very important role – a magazine can be hold and be read in relaxation – the ad gets a value, the reader can touch this media. Professional journals are frequently discarded, but are also taken again and again.

We recommend our clients only one placement in professional journals because this attention is more direct and within the client’s target group more efficient. We waive on expensive ad placements in supra-regional newspapers.

Discretion is our philosophy in ad’s design.

In addition to online exchanges with emphasis on competences and print medias we advertise job ads on our own job exchange “”.


Manfred Lorenzen
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