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Our job exchange  -  advantage by innovation

It all started with the realisation that job exchanges in the internet  should be able to do a lot more. In any case more then a stationary , helpless pin board which holds a lot of information but the right job could simply not be found there.

So we devised our LMV-job exchange with a total of six branch-of- trades platforms with the relating relevant partner network. In view of the globalisation there are no boundaries in terms of language or countries.  This is why we devised our job exchange international and multi lingual, making it an efficient job exchange.

Applicants and employers of the trades agricultural technology,  building and municipal business, agribusiness, environmental engineering and new energy  will meet here on a very effective and functional platform.

·  Job exchange with 6 tradebranches platforms and a large partner network.
The LMV-Job exchange is an international job exchange for the  branches agricultural technology, agribusiness,  environmental engineering, building machinery, municipal business and new energy. 

·  Internationality 
With a new kind of translating tool all job applications as well as job vacancies will be translated automatically and accurate and submitted to the job exchange.  

·  Precise branch orientating
With our 6 branch-of-trades platforms  we offer a high standard of efficiency and accuracy when searching for an applicant or a vacancy.

·  High presence of branch of trades
For more then 30 years Manfred Lorenzen has been a branch trade insider with the experience of a broad network.
Every job application and vacancy will be fed into a centralised data base. From here all other partner platforms will have access to it. This brings advantages to the employer as well as the applicant. The employer can avoid high expenses and the applicant will just have to take care of  his access account.

Here are our some of our special features.

·  Active support
This innovative platform is being looked after and supported by experienced personnel
consultants. More then 10 years of experience and expertise are contained in this job exchange.

·  Substantial  service package
The new extensive service package is free of charge. Here you will find all the relevant information concerning your branch. It contains for instance company press releases and  helpful and founded information concerning industrial law and career management.

Who is behind the job exchange?
The LMV- job exchange is an initiative of the LMV-Consulting  - Lorenzen.
LMV-Consulting  supervises and organises the job exchange and sees to a continual
further development. Since 1995 Manfred Lorenzen and his team work successfully in  active personnel and management consultancy. His major competence lies within recruiting and headhunting, specifically in the area of agricultural technology. In this field we can look back on over 30 years of experience. Specific branch knowledge and immense experience in human resources enables the job exchange to be an innovative instrument set out for the personnel market of the future.  

Manfred Lorenzen - - 02928-1403 / 1493 - 0172-523140

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